Overseas Travel Bureau

Overseas Travel Bureau (O.T.B) Ltd is a privately owned company and a fully licensed travel agency registered in Israel with associate offices in Amman & Cairo. Established in the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem, Overseas Travel Bureau (O.T.B) Ltd is ideally located to be your destination management company.

Our mission is to deliver your travel aspiration. We aim to ensure that all pilgrims and tourists are enriched and uplifted by our tours. Our aim is to help you step properly into the historical, cultural and biblical setting of the land.

Overseas Travel Bureau (O.T.B) Ltd enjoys over thirty years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, catering to thousands of satisfied pilgrims and tourists every year

צור קשר

טלפון: 02-6287090
פקס: 02-6284442
איש קשר: Ibrahim Zuamot
אתר: www.otbtravel.com
אימייל: info@otbtravel.com