Vered Ha-Sharon Tarvel & Tours Ltd.

Established 1965, Third generaion active in the company. Vered Ha-Sharon is active in about 70 countries worldwide with inbound tourism. Especially Christian and Muslim pilgrimages, professional groups under the brand of “Inspire.” Head of in Israel and other inbound offices in Europe and South Africa.

צור קשר

טלפון: +972-54-4299996; +972-54-4299932
טלפון נוסף: +972-54-4210917; +972-54-4299977
פקס: +972-8-9380710
איש קשר: דני אמיר, מושי ורד, דנה קניג, נעמה ורד
אתר: www.veredgo.com
אימייל: danny@veredgo.com; dana@veredgo.com; Naama@veredgo.com; mushi@veredgo.com