Keshet Journeys

People all over the world travel to the places where they have a personal connection. Why wouldn’t you go to the place where your faith began? Traveling the land of Israel enables people to get to know Him better, to connect with Him more intimately and to understand His ministry in a more comprehensive way. It will be our privilege to host you in Israel. We look forward to serving you and meeting whatever needs you may have to make this the best experience for your community.

Keshet Educational Journeys

Keshet is a team of committed Jewish educators with years of experience teaching and guiding a variety of family, youth and academic programs in Israel and Jewish Europe.  We are a pioneer in the field of family education through Israel programs and European Jewish Journeys.  Like the meaning of “Keshet” (spectrum), our religious diversity encourages a meaningful spiritual experience for all.

Keshet is a full-service travel organization offering creative, state of the art itineraries, superb guiding, flights, accommodations and superior professional service.

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