What is the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association?

The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association is a representative body in the field of incoming tourism in Israel. The Association was founded in 1960 with the aim of working towards the development of Israel’s incoming tourism industry and has a membership of approximately one hundred companies and non-profit organizations.

What are the Association’s activities?

The Association represents its members to governmental and public authorities, as well as other bodies in the fields of aviation, hospitality, transport and tourist services.

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Who are the Association’s members?

Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association brings together travel agencies that deal in incoming tourism in Israel and works to advance the economic interests of its members, which number over one hundred companies and non-profit organizations.

Millions of tourists visit Israel each year, with many of them coming via members of the Incoming Tour Operators Association. The members are agents who create package deals to Israel and market them to their counterparts around the world. They operate in many different sectors of the incoming tourism market, such as group tours, individual tours, youth groups, conferences, health and beauty tourism. They cover a wide geographical spread around the world and contribute enormously to Israel and its economy, creating jobs, adding to the country’s gross national product, and improving Israel’s image.

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What is the Association’s management committee?

At the head of the Incoming Tour Operators Association stands a comprehensive management structure of seven companies headed by a chairman who is elected at a general meeting. The organization’s general manager, appointed by the Association’s management, works towards advancing the enterprises of the Association and its members. Within the Association, three committees operate: the Inspection Committee, Antiquities Committee and Initiatives Committee.

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What is Smile?

Smile is the economic company of Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association, under the ownership of travel agencies that operate in the field of incoming tourism. The fact that Association members are the owners of the company enables company’s staff to have a significant competitive advantage in marketing tourist sites because of the access they have to directors of tour operator companies and tour guides.

The core of Smile’s activities are in the fields of marketing, marketing consultancy, sales, and Smile’s services at Ben Gurion Airport.

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