Smile Tourism Services

is the economic company of the Israeli Incoming Tourism Organizers Office, owned by travel agents who deal with incoming tourism. The Office formed the company in 1990.

The company boasts a great deal of experience in the marketing and sales promotion of tourism regions and incoming tourismsites . Tour Operators – the company’s staff has a significant competitive edge in the marketing of tourism sites thanks to our contacts with company managers, tour guides, this is because the owners of Smile Company are members of the Office.

Smile’s activity in incoming tourism to Israel:

Smile Marketing and Sales – Consultancy, marketing, sales and sales promotion of tourism sites for the incoming tourism market.

Marketing Consultation– based upon the knoweldge Smile has accumulated, acquaintance with the various programs and requirements of the various markets, we help in adjusting the project to the incoming tourism in the stages of establishing or upgrading the market – Smile’s team frequently visits tour operators’ offices. The team presents programs for visiting the sites and arranges for them to be included in the tourist packages.

Smile’s staff have hands on experience and they know about most of the visits of policy makers from abroad and coordinate them with the Israeli agent in becoming acquainted with the sales site – Smile’s purchasing power for auxiliary products in the tourism field enables it to make bulk purchases for the agents. Smile sells these products to the incoming tourism agents at a price that permits them to give a significant discount to the agent planning the programs – writing consultation papers, feasibility studies for sites and attractions, trends analysis, mapping the target public, mapping relevant sites and attractions for incoming tourism, hotel accommodation and restaurants, packaging the tourism product and understanding the working tools in incoming tourism.

Databases – sales promotion for businesses in the field of incoming tourism, using an exclusive database.

Smile service at Ben Gurion Airport – a team of professional stewards, who have undergone professional training and speak a variety of languages, accompany the passengers when they arrive and depart the airport and assist tourists with their requirements and the problems likely to arise at the airport, the service includes transport to the hotels and to any address from Ben Gurion Airport.

Smile’s offices at Terminal 3 are located next to Border Control and they are open 24 hours a day.



Yossi Fatael, CEO – over 20 years experience in tourism Industry

Galia Ohad, Marketing Department – 15 years experience in marketing and 10 years experience in the field of incoming tourism.

Smile’s clients include:

The Old Acre Development Company – the Knights’ Halls, the Templar Tunnels, the Okshi Museum, the Treasures in the Walls Museum, the Turkish Hammam, hotels and more. Development of relevant target publics, marketing to specific target publics, development of tourism products adapted to target publics.

The Jerusalem Development Authority – deals with the development of tourism in Jerusalem, promotion of projects and the development of a tourism infrastructure in the city. Consultancy, marketing and sales promotion for strategic projects such as: the development of tourism products unique to the city and tactical marketing activities for increasing tourism overnight stays in Jerusalem.

The Old Jaffa Development Company – the new Visitors Center in Jaffa, guided tours, Hebrew and English audio guides for single tourists. Assistance in building the touristic product and packaging it for incoming tourism, examining target publics and advertising and marketing materials for incoming tourism.

The Nature and Parks Authority – is responsible for about 70 nature reserves and national parks in Israel. Smile is responsible for the distribution of tourist tickets, mapping the Nature and Parks Authority sites according to their suitability for different target publics, receiving feedback about the touristic product and changes in trends in conjunction with the Nature and Parks Authority. Promotion and marketing of the Nature and Parks Authority sites including acquaintance tours for policy makers from Israel and abroad.

The Galilee Development Authority – writing a feasibility program for the Galilee that included mapping of all the sites and attractions in the Galilee, dining and hotel accommodation and consultation on marketing abroad and in Israel, writing a multi-year work plan, marketing tools in Israel, reference to target publics arriving en masse and niche tourism, ancient cities etc.

The Druze and Circassian experience – packaging the touristic product, developing infrastructures and touristic content. Tourism attractions, dining and accommodation in Druze and Circassian villages in the Carmel and the north of Israel.

The Valley of the Springs – local attractions: Nahal Kibbutzim, Kibbutz Nir David, the Bio-Tour experience, the Naharayim Bridge, Kfar Ruppin, dining and hotel accommodation. Writing a feasibility study for touristic products in the Valley of the Springs region with specific marketing for incoming tourism.

The Ein Hod Artists’ Village – writing a feasibility study for touristic products in the Ein Hod Village. Galleries and museums in the Artists’ Village, dining and hotel accommodation, the Kabbalah Center in Safed – introducing the touristic product via marketing platforms suitable for incoming tourism.

The Weizmann Institute – Consultancy and marketing of a new touristic product, consultation and assistance in writing advertising materials, price lists and setting up combined tourist packages. Marketing and promotion for the Vistitors Center at the Weizmann Institute, the house of the President Chaim Weizmann and the Industrial Park.



Contact details:

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