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Vered Hasharon Travel & Tours Ltd.

Vered HaSharon Travel Group is an international network with our head office in Israel and branch offices in Europe, Asia and Africa and partners in North and South America. Our network of companies around the world and partner offices in Europe, Asia and Africa, assist us in developing relationships, building a unique product range and keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the modern travel business. With over 50 years of travel experience, The Vered HaSharon Travel Group is committed to seeking solutions that help our partners offer exceptional standards of service and choice of product, reduced costs, faster transactions and enhanced operational efficiency. We arrange Holy Land Tours, Pilgrimages, Professional and study tours, Incentives as well as Business tours for groups and individuals.

Additional Info

Telephone : +972-8-9303999

Fax : +972-8-9380710

Contact Person : Ann Rabinowitz

Website : www.veredgo.com

Email : ann@vrdtrvl.com