The “association” in the rules below refers to the Israel Tour Operators Association. “Members” refer to branches and/or candidates for association membership and/or their branches.


Association members shall conduct their business faithfully and diligently, while maintaining fairness and the honor and standing of the profession.

Association members shall work diligently to maintain the good name of the profession and those engaged in it.

Association members shall comply with all the provisions of the association’s articles and the orders of its constituent parts; they shall act in accordance with directives and work diligently to comply with all provisions of government laws and rules relating to and/or connected with the travel industry in Israel and the rest of the world.

Association members shall comply with all provisions of agreements to which they are a party, including local and international agreements.

Relations with the Public

Association members shall provide their clients with efficient service to the best of their professional expertise and experience as obligated by their engagement in the tourism industry and at fair, acceptable prices in the tourism industry.

For services for which a price is not fixed, association members shall charge a reasonable price acceptable in the tourism industry.

Association members shall work diligently to advertise fairly and in a manner that is not misleading. Any advertisement or agreement that contains false and/or misleading particulars and/or that is based on incorrect facts and/or plans that cannot be implemented is strictly prohibited.

Association members shall work diligently to conduct fair negotiations that are not misleading.

Relations with service providers

Association members shall work diligently to maintain fair relations with service providers.

Association members shall honor their obligations toward service providers and act in accordance with the general arrangements and agreements duly laid down by the association and any other agreement between the parties insofar as such exists.

Association members shall refrain from giving and/or promising to give an improper benefit to a service provider and/or to any of his/her employees in order to obtain any discount and/or concession and/or other benefit and/or any agreement and/or arrangement with the supplier.