Israel – Good to Know

Official Name: The State of Israel
Capital: Jerusalem
Area: 22,072 square kilometers
Population: 8.2 million persons
Distribution by Religion: 75.6% Jews, 16.6% Muslim, 1.6% Christian and 1.6% Druze, 0.40% non-Arab Christians and 3.9% unclassified by religion.

Official Languages: Hebrew, Arabic

Israel is a country in the Middle East, on a narrow land bridge connecting Africa and Asia. The State of Israel occupies most of the region known as the Land of Israel.

Israel is a developed country, located in a region that is geographically and climatically diversified. There are snow-capped mountains in the north alongside dry wildernesses in the south and desolate areas alongside modern, lively cities.

Israel’s ethnic and religious mosaic is rich and fascinating, and the country has numerous cultural institutions and entertainment centers. Thanks to its rich history and sanctity to the three monotheistic religions, Israel has many ancient and holy sites. Most of the year, the climate in Israel is pleasant, and you can tour year-round. Autumn and spring are considered the best time to visit (September – November, April – June), when the temperature is especially pleasant.

Travelers to Israel walk through history, from windswept Crusader castles to ports where sailors, pilgrims and famous travelers spent time; from desert landscapes that were home to nomadic tribes, half-forgotten armies and merchants in camel caravans; to white-domed sheikhs’ tombs, silent monasteries and ancient synagogues decorated with colorful mosaics.

The State of Israel was created in the Land of Israel, which was promised to the People of Israel according to Jewish tradition. It was where Jesus was born and where Mohammed ascended to heaven. The meeting place of three continents and two seas, Israel is an intricate skein of cultures, customs and traditions, a country that has been home to many peoples, cultures and religions. On the crossroads of ancient commercial routes, the land has also seen waves of conquering armies: Canaanites, Hebrews, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottoman Turks and British made this much-desired small country into a battlefield where they strove for eminence, built fortifications, castles and royal palaces.

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