In 2015 the number of tourist entries (including one-day visits) totaled 3.1 million this year – a 3% decrease compared to 2014.

Of the 3.5 million visitors, about 2.5 million arrived by air (78%)

Some 292,000 tourists came in through border crossings (9%)

Some 313,000 entries (10%) were made by one-day visitors

101,000 of them arrived as part of a cruise.

Where do tourists come from?
Most tourists arrived from the United States – about 586,000 Americans, who make up 20% of Israel’s incoming tourism.
Russia came in second with 392,000 tourists, followed by France with some 277,000 tourists.

Germany came in fourth with 185,000 visitors, followed by the United Kingdom with 184,000 visitors, Italy with 82,000 visitors, Ukraine with 128,000 visitors and Poland with 63,000 visitors. Some 62,000 tourists arrived from Canada and 46,000 came from Holland.

More statistical information about tourist entrances can be found at the Central Bureau for Statistics.