Inbound Tourism

 In 2012, 3.5 million people visited Israel, a 4% increase over the previous year. The number of tourist entrances (not including one-day visits) was 2.9 million, 2% more than in 2011, breaking the all-time tourism record reached in that year.

Most of the visitors to Israel came from the United Sates – approximately 610,000, which constitutes 18% of tourism to Israel. Coming in a close second was tourism from Russia, with 590,000 visitors.

Out of the 3.5 million visitors, some 2.5 million arrived by air. There were 406,000 overland arrivals (12%). One-day visits accounted for 625,000 (18%) of the overall number, out of which 235,000 arrived on cruise ships.

Income from tourism in 2012 was estimated at $4.6 billion (including income of Israeli aviation companies from incoming tourism).